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Online backup for companies, what advantages does it have?

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Online backup systems for companies are of great importance to any SME.

Think about it carefully. Imagine that a computer virus was introduced into your computer and you lost all your data. What would you do if you don’t have a backup system?

Billing data, customer lists, product catalogs … Information that has taken years to accumulate and that has enormous value. Data on which the integrity of your company largely depends. Are you going to leave everything in the air so that any day a misfortune happens?

Being proactive is essential if we want to protect the data of our business. With an online backup for companies we can restore the information we need and when we need it.

The advantages of making an online backup with your company’s data

Backup to the cloud is enormously valuable. We show you some of its main advantages.

Economical price. You save a lot if you store the data from your backups in the cloud, instead of having to have dedicated servers to store the information.
Always protected data. If your data is stored in the cloud, you can restore it when you need it. If you are going to format the computer, or in case of any eventuality.
Fast and easy. You don’t have to worry about doing complicated things. The cloud is quick and easy, we use it every day, even without realizing it. Every time you look at your email in Gmail you are using software in the cloud. Why not also use data storage software?
Automated. You no longer have to be aware of backing up in the cloud for your company. The data is saved alone and in an automated way. Thus, even if there is a blackout and you did not have the saved data, the information will be in your online backup.
Protection for Windows and Android. You can protect both the data on your computers and your mobile. Your business information from the different devices you use may be stored in your cloud software.

Backup systems for companies

Not all online backup systems for companies are equally good. Companies accumulate large amounts of data. A product database can be enormously cumbersome.

The same if your company has years and years of work behind it: chances are, the information you accumulate is highly valuable and you cannot afford to lose it.

Do you not want to lose your data and you would not know what to do if that happened? Business backup systems are the solution.

Forget about storage disks and pen-drives. They are not the suitable solution because they can be broken, they can be lost or they can also be infected by viruses. It is better to be proactive and not risk the unpredictable in your business and then it is too late to act.

Cloud backups: pricing and information

The prices of business backup systems depend on the amount of space you need.

The more TB you need, the more you pay. So it is a system that adapts to you. You do not have to pay more for space that you are not using. You also won’t have to search for new storage systems once you run out of space, as you can automatically expand it.

At no time will you run out of online backups due to lack of space. Choose the tool that best solves your problem to make an online backup for your company.

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